Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Episode 42: Interview with Greg McFarlane about the vegan movement in Australia

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This week's episode of Always for Animal Rights features my recent interview with Greg McFarlane. Greg is the director of Vegan Australia, which is an Australian non-profit organization that promotes veganism.

In this interview, Greg tells me about the state of the vegan movement in Australia and the ways that vegans are represented by the media. He also discusses Vegan Australia's research into what would happen to Australia's economy and the environment if the country went vegan, and he tells me about his experience speaking to politicians about veganism.

By the way, if you're wondering about the birds chirping in the background, they are Australian wild birds who were singing outside. Greg tells me that rainbow lorikeets, noisy miners, magpies, currawongs, wattle birds, and eastern koels live nearby.

It's a very interesting interview, and I hope you'll listen in! At the end of the show is Gad Hakimi's song "Corona Trap".

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Go vegan, stay vegan, and let's remember to stand up and speak up for animal rights today and every day. Thanks for listening to the show!

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