Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Episode 71: Interview with Marlene Narrow, host of Vegan Nation radio show and podcast

Art by Lynda Bell
This week, I am pleased to present my interview with the vegan radio show host Marlene Narrow. Marlene is the host of Vegan Nation, a vegan music and talk show that has been broadcast weekly at a community radio station in Worcester, Massachusetts, since 2015.

In this interview, Marlene and I share our stories of how we started our vegan radio shows, and Marlene tells me about what led her to become a World Peace Diet Facilitator. We discuss the concepts of deep veganism and the Boomerang Effect; why there is no compassionate way to exploit and kill animals; why it’s important to incorporate vegan advocacy into our everyday lives; how we can find the courage to speak out about important yet controversial topics; and what gives us hope for the future. Marlene also speaks about what she has learned from her experience hosting a vegan radio show. 

It was awesome to have the opportunity to speak with this dedicated, insightful, and courageous vegan activist.

Other things we mentioned during the episode:

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Tao Te Ching, chapter 67:

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Go vegan, stay vegan, and let's remember to stand up and speak up for animal rights today and every day. Thanks for listening to the show!

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